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In 2015 FYidoctors became the world’s largest doctor-owned optometry brand, with over 200 locations across Canada. However, due to its growth model, FYidoctors was faced with the challenging task of consolidating a growing number of unique, independent banners into one deep, meaningful and emotionally driven brand. In fall 2015, FYidoctors contracted Venture to position the company for future growth across Canada, with a full rebrand and marketing strategy for FYidoctors and the launch of a new sister brand in Quebec.

The secret to FYidoctors’ success is its commitment to a doctor-led optometric experience. Patients receive high-quality, personalized care at every FYidoctors’ location. We explored the real value and benefits of that care, to understand how the personal attention of the doctor provided enhanced benefits to every patient. We built a brand, messaging, marketing, creative and patient experience platform to drive a message of how FYidoctors enhances the lives of their patients every day.

Since 2015, Venture has become FYidoctors and Visique’s marketing team. We activate their brand internally and externally through a full range of media and public relations channels. More importantly, we provide ongoing strategic counsel to help them build a thriving, successful brand across Canada.

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